Descendants of the Ancestors of My Grandchildren

Edited by Daniel R. Hershberg; March, 2012

Pictured on front cover: Top row: Leah Chana Ellenbogen Second row (l-r): Yakov Reuven Ellenbogen, Dov Yehuda Ellenbogen, Shira Neima Ellenbogen, Binyamin Amichai Ellenbogen, Yishai Nadav Ellenbogen Third row (l-r): Luke Russell Hershberg, Jordan Alexander Hershberg, Jacob Cooper Hershberg, Jeremy Aaron Hershberg

The last edition of the Family Tree Book was published March, 2012 and was mailed in April, 2012 to all known NEDAR members. If your are a family tree member and have not received your copy, please contact the Editor at

If you want to add information, provide pictures, correct data for the next edition etc. contact the Editor at the same e-mail address.

Transmittal Letter

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