How to Help the NEDAR Foundation


Membership in NEDAR is open to the public. The individual annual membership fee is $25, which is waved for any individual who traces their roots to a family which lived in Wąsosz. In order to qualify for this waiver of the fee, information must be provided and made available for publication in future studies of Wąsosz.

Membership is also free for the extended families of those who are included in the publication, Descendants of the Ancestors of My Children.

Membership entitles you to receive copies of all NEDAR newsletters, invitations to meetings or seminars and copies of all publications sponsored by NEDAR, Membership also allows one vote per membership (over age of 18).


Voluntary contributions to The NEDAR Foundation are necessary to continue both the research and the publications. Your generosity will be acknowledged in future publications. Make a Contribution


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