About the NEDAR Foundation

The NEDAR Foundation was established as a 501(c)(3) Corporation to research genealogical records of Jewish residents of Wąsosz, Lomza Gubernia, Poland (formerly part of Poland and Russia) during the period 1820 through 1910, their ancestors, their descendants and, where possible, their extended families. NEDAR has provided information and will continue to research provide information on this community which had a significant Jewish population during the period from 1820 through 1910 but now has no Jewish residents.

The loss of life during the Holocaust at Wąsosz has been well documented. The reason for changes in the Jewish population, both positive and negative, of Wąsosz during the period from 1820 through 1910 has never been fully researched and NEDAR will undertake to complete this research.

The extended families included in NEDAR’s research include some who trace their origins to Wąsosz.

Among these are:

BERINSTEIN (Also Burstyn, Berenstzyn)
HERSHBERG (Also Gershberg, Hirschberg, Gerzberg, Herzberg)
NEJMAN (Also Naiman, Neyman, Newman)

As research continued the extended families included in NEDAR’s documents include others without roots in Wąsosz. Among these are:

GEWIRTZMAN (Also Gvirtzman, Gwercman)
TERESPOLSKI (Also Teres, Terris)

For Information on the lives of descendants who remained in Wąsosz and of those who emigrated from Wąsosz together with their extended families check the Genealogical Reports on the DESCENDANTS OF THE ANCESTORS OF MY GRANDCHILDREN page of this website. For pictures and documents concerning lifestyle in Wąsosz check the About Wąsosz page on this Website.

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